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The AYA Program provides personalized, supportive care related to concerns common to young adults with cancer at Princess Margaret. These concerns include fertility, sexual health, school and work concerns, peer support, and wellness. For Princess Margaret patients age 39 or younger, the AYA Program can:

  • Identify your individual needs
  • Provide education and support
  • Link you to other community and hospital services and resources
  • Help you connect to other patients

For more information on AYA, visit: 

AYA Program | Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (uhn.ca)

Genetic Testing

Genes are pieces of DNA which are passed down through generations.  Some families may be at risk if they have genes containing a mutation increasing their risk of cancers. With genetic assessment and counseling, a better understanding of mutations and genes can be obtained to help you and your family gain more information about cancer care and risk reduction. For more information on genetic testing, and to find out if you are eligible, visit:  

About the Familial Cancer Clinic (uhn.ca)

Northern Health Travel Grant

A reminder to patients residing in Northern Ontario, please bring your completed form to your clinical appointment. Additionally we kindly ask that you keep all receipts with you. Should you have any questions regarding this, please email your sarcoma specialist’s administrative assistant. For more information on the grant itself please visit: 

North Health Travel Grant

Stay Well

StayWell is a charity that provides patients and their caregivers/families access to accommodations should they be required to relocate for medical treatment. The organization provides comfortable and subsidized housing in safe areas near their designated hospital. By relieving this financial burden, Staywell hopes to provide more Canadians access to the medical care they need. For more information please visit:


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret Hospital, part of the United Health Network (UHN) and the Toronto Sarcoma Team is one of the largest comprehensive cancer centre in Canada.  Offering many services and support teams for cancer patients and their family, please feel free to visit their website should you require additional support or services, such as childcare, financial aid, or language services: 

Services and Supports (uhn.ca)


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